Corporate clients often come to us when they have reached an impasse. Whether management is struggling to meet goals, or the company is undertaking a complex project which requires additional knowledge and resources, we work closely with our clients to identify challenges and achieve goals. 

In some instances, our clients have asked us to assume a leadership role, on an interim basis, within the company or corporation. Such assignments have included acting as Director, Board Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and General Partner.


Poll Financial recently oversaw the $531 million refinancing of the largest federally subsidized affordable housing complex in the United States. Acting as the interim President of the complex, and as CEO of the family office general partner managing the project, Mr. Poll worked with Freddie Mac to successfully complete the financing. This resulted in the largest mortgage loan of its type ever issued.


  • Equity issuance
  • Private placement
  • Real estate finance
  • Debt advisory
  • Interim management
  • Crisis management